If a brand wants to bring presence to an activation area, we have our very own custom branded kiosks. Standing at 1,8m high this booth is the standard product that we offer to our clients, it takes photos of guests in collaboration with or without a silver screen, green screen, printed background etc. The camera can be mounted inside the kiosk itself or run separately on a tripod or in the hands of a photographer.


Photo Studio Examples

Photo Studio Examples

A fully automated experience for your guests with prompts to help users have their own photo or video taken. The automated unit can be set up at a venue for an extended amount of time with limited or no staff.


Automated Examples


One of the features of our software is portability. By having our software installed on a tablet, we are able to send roaming teams around at an event to capture photos and guests’ details without them having to come to you. Along with our instant uploads on site, users and client can share and broadcast their experience live on their social media channels.


Roaming Examples

Roaming Examples

Transport your guests to worlds of fantasy or even to the top of Mount Everest with our Green Screen technology. We bring the Hollywood experience to your event. Green Screen essentially takes a photo or video of users and replaces the entire background with any image or video that best works to enhance the brand experience, and wow the users.


Silver Screen Examples

silver Screen Examples

Our software is not limited to just photos, but opens one up to the unlimited possibilities of video. Videos range from 5 to 45 seconds of unique and exciting footage that can be shared and viewed on social media such as Vine, Facebook and Twitter to name a few. Our videos can range from personalized messages to family or loved ones, supportive cries and shouts for your favourite team or even acting out an iconic scene from a movie in collaboration with green screen.

video kiosk

Video Kiosk Examples

video Kiosk Examples