A showcase of the newest innovation to our Silver Screen Technology. Our set consists of a Custom 3D LED Ring light, specialised Reflective Material and Customizable Software that enables the user to have their image automatically keyed out and placed into any scene imaginable. The content created in the software can be instantly uploaded to social media platforms and link users to their content by either SMS or by Email.

Mobflashing uses quality photo and video devices and software to create memorable interactions between people and brands.

Professional photographers and promoters armed with tablets capture the best moments at brands’ events, giving attendees a quality memento.

New RFID technology offering from the innovators in Audience Engagement Specialists, Content Bar.

Showcase of the Vodacom Mofaya Summer Campaign that utilized our innovative Green Screen Video Booths.

Content Bar used interactive QR code technology and photo booths to interact with the audience at Vodacom in the City 2012.

With the Calpol Gumball Machine, we wanted to tap into the basic human enjoyment of ‘play’ and ‘reward’. Gumball machines represent nostalgia for parents who have fond memories of them in cafés and shops; for children they represent an object of ‘play’. Combined with the creation of a photo memory of a mom and baby, the Calpol Gumball Machine brought a completely new experience to parents at the MamaMagic expo.